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The SIM-M Sistemas Integrados em Metalo-Mecânica, a private limited company, was founded on the 22nd of February 1991 and started its activity on the 7th of March of the same year, in a rented manufacture facility. In 1993, the company moved permanently to its own (and current) facilities.

The idea behind the foundation of SIM-M, verified by its founder (José Gonçalves da Silva), arises from a pressing need for equipping contractors with asphalt plants, which, at the time, depended exclusively from foreign manufacturers.


Characterisation of the activity

The SIM-M is a company operating in the metalworking industry, manufacturing medium size welded constructions (not so much by the weight of its works, as by its dimension), which has been dedicated, mainly, to the manufacture of all types of components for asphalt plants, particularly components concerning environmental protection — its largest production so far — such as environmental fabric (bag) filters, as well as several recycling asphalt products (RAP) systems.

However, it has not disregarded several other activities, such as:

  1. Equipment for the foundry industry;
  2. Equipment for sand treatment, whose processes are perfectly identical to those of the asphalt plants;
  3. Maintenance work in railway circulating compositions;
  4. Equipment for the collection of urban waste (drop-off recycling containers);
  5. Equipment for automatic shelling of cashew nuts (in development).


Therefore, SIM-M can consider itself an innovative company (in the country), still being today the only company in its domain in nearly 90% of its production.

Our company executes its works through its own developed projects, and its technological and quality capabilities are recognised by all the others European counterparts, with which it maintains some cooperation, as demonstrated by the partnership that it has just established with the renowned German company – LINTEC, Gmbh (Hamburg).

It is a certified company that is now investing in internationalisation.

In this way, apart from exporting to Angola and, more recently, to São Tomé and Príncipe, the following projects are currently underway:

         - Partnership with LINTEC, Gmbh;

         - Development of equipment for the automatic shelling of cashew nuts (Mozambique).